The world is being rocked by an influx of new digital solutions that use cognitive computing, machine learning, and natural language processing—and it’s completely changing the way that candidates and recruiters interact.

This digital disruption is opening up a wide range of opportunities to create greater process efficiencies and enhance candidate satisfaction. It is creating a necessary runway for talent leaders to use their time and resources where it matters most—defining what talent is needed, and using the power of personal relationships to ensure a best-fit match.

But when it comes to designing the right solution that will attract and inspire key talent, we know that effective recruiting is not a people vs. machine decision. While digital is the “new normal” when it comes recruiting processes, it requires a vigilant focus on not only what’s new, but what’s good. Taking an approach that’s grounded in an agile and flexible framework, KellyOCG clients benefit from our efforts to know and test emerging capabilities—in our sand box, not theirs.

It is a profound time in our industry’s history—and leaders that succeed in using the right mix of human and digital intelligence will win the 21st century war for talent. Contact us today to learn more about how we can leverage our digital disruption expertise to help your company achieve the right workforce in the most effective and efficient ways.